The LaidBack Pad has revolutionized the camping pad as we know it!  It was developed for people like you who like to sleep comfortably in adventurous places!

Roll the luxury LaidBack camping Pad out anywhere and sleep like a King (or Queen) where ever your heart desires:

The LaidBack Pad can be used for camping in:

Campgrounds, Tents, National Parks, State Parks, Beaches, Back Yards, Trucks, Lakeside, Riverside, Mountains, Deserts, and Decks.

Anywhere, outside, that you want to lay your head and rest.

The LaidBack Pad is a memory foam portable bedroll that has stepped up camping comfort.  It was developed to give more nature lovers access sleeping in the outdoors without having to sacrifice comfort.

The size of each pad is 24" x 72" x 2 3/8".

The size of a rolled up pad is 24"x 12". Weight is 8 lbs.

The LaidBack Pad is encased in removable and washable fabrics of polar fleece on top for which you sleep, and the stuff that backpacks are made of for the sides and bottom.  The pad is ultra durable and never risks popping, since it is not an inflatable product.  The easy strapping system allows the pad to be rolled up to 12" x 24" so it packs away in a trunk or closet inconspicuously. The LaidBack Pad is an evolution to the ancient Futon, but this one is more comfortable, transportable, storable and meant for sleeping outside and assists in achieving the meditative state in laying down.