LaidBack Pad Press Release

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The LaidBack Pad has revolutionized the camping experience!  It is a non inflatable memory foam camping pad made for people who like to sleep comfortably in adventurous places.

Still, the best way to escape the fast pace life and step away from overwhelm is simple… get outdoors and GO Camping, sleep outside and connect with nature as way to retune, slow down, and unplug.

Camping resets you.

Sleeping on the ground, grounds you! 

But unfortunately, for many, sleeping on a meager, paper-thin, uncomfortable, inflatable camping pad makes the glorious experience of camping, an American pastime, not so appealing because of the fear of sleeping uncomfortably.  Therefore, even though you love camping, you elect to pass and miss out on great experiences with friends and family. You can’t seem to get away to nature and properly recharge with fresh air, silence, camp fires and good deep sleep.

Luckily, there is now a solution to remedy sub par nights sleep while camping.  The LaidBack Pad is a memory foam portable bedroll that has stepped up the camping experience comfort by providing a camping pad that is just as comfortable as your own mattress at home.

The LaidBack pad is made of three different layers of proprietary foam, with a top layer of memory foam that molds to your body, is warmed by your body heat, and keeps you from bottoming out. The LaidBack Pad is 24” inches wide, six feet long, and 2 3/8” thick.  It is encased in a removable and washable case with polar fleece on top for which you sleep, and the stuff that backpacks are made of for the sides and bottom. The pad is ultra durable and never risks popping, since it is not an inflatable product. The easy strapping system allows the pad to be rolled up to 12”x24”, weighs 8 pounds and packs away in a trunk or closet inconspicuously.

Founder of the LaidBack Pad, Daniel Kanow, is a 44-year-old mountain man and artist who finds his inspiration in nature and sleeping outside.  But after years of working his body as a backpacking guide, rock climber, environmental educator, mountain climber, and bike tour-er, he began to suffer from some challenging and chronic back pain.  But, he did not want his discomfort to prevent him from having outdoor adventures and camping out around the world, so he developed the LaidBack Pad, in order to be able to sleep soundly in beautiful wilderness, the one thing that keeps him grounded in life.

As an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, studying painting and sculpture, Kanow chose to save his money on rent and elected to be “houseless,” by living nomadically with a band of students who lived outside in the redwood forest adjacent to the campus. This experience of living outside, night after night, so close to the rhythms of nature, profoundly influenced his life and became the thing that helped him feel tranquil.

Daniel met his wife Joanna guiding backpacking trips together in the Trinity Alps of California. They married, moved to the mountains of Telluride, Colorado and somewhere along the way their standards for comfortable sleeping rose and agood nights sleeping experience had become rather important. They just couldn’t do the flimsy, inferior, body-pain inducing, deflating, thin, camping pad anymore. 

And so, Siesta Rest Inc. and the LaidBack Pad was born. Ten years ago the first batch was made for personal use and was gifted to friends who often slept outside in adventurous places like: state and national parks, at festivals, on decks, beaches, in trucks, and for couch surfing situations. People pleaded Kanow to produce more, and alas, after much research and development, the bomber, ultra comfortable, compact, washable, water resistant, totable memory foam camping pad is available to the public.  Kanow hopes this product helps more people access nature by unplugging and simply sleeping under the stars; what he believes is the best medicine for stress.

SiestaRest Inc. has also committed to donating 500 LaidBack Pads to homeless shelters and to disaster relief organizations after selling the first 10,000 pads. Kanow believes that the LaidBack Pad should be available to all walks of life, from the adventurous camper to those in need of a comfortable sleeping pad to kick start a new day.

So, plan that next camping trip and get your gear together. Where do you want to sleep next in the open air? Yosemite?  A state park? Near a lake? At a music festival? On a cross-country road trip? By a campfire? Throw the LaidBack pad, or 4 of them, in the trunk of your car, with your tent and your friends or family and join the 40 million Americans who camp out each year. You will be sleeping well!  The LaidBack Pad is available on and is sold exclusively on with small quantities available in Telluride, CO. Become a part of the group of people who sleep in adventurous places on the LaidBack Pad, in ultimate comfort.