Everyone loves LaidBack Pads

And we are confident that you will too!

“This is the best camping pad on the market! You won’t find anything else like it, so stop looking and pick up one or two of of these up today. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors over the 4th of July weekend. We spent a night at the Cottonwood Hot Springs in Colorado. Anyone that has ever stayed there you know the soaking is amazing, but the camping is rough to say the least, with an extremely hard ground covered in rocks. We slept soundly for the first time camping, it wasn’t until we took the tent down, that we realized how many rocks were below our backs, yet we didn’t feel a thing. It may be hard to believe that a camping pad can give you the comfort you enjoy at home, but it’s true. We felt like we were sleeping on our bed at home.

My favorite features have to be:
1. The ultra comfortable memory foam pad.
2. The soft layer on the top of the pad—no need to cover it with anything—you could sleep on just the pad and be happy as a clam!
3. Rolls up tight—like a sleeping bag and it even comes with a handle to carry it around.
4. This product is made by a US company.
5. Since its a foam pad—there isn’t any pesky time spent blowing into a crappy plastic pad—that will loose its air slowly through the night.

So my suggestion, get on it and buy your camping pads today, so your next camping trip will be amazing!”

— Tomas and Heidi Gannon

“It is… expensive for what it is, costing about 2-3 times as much as a similar foam sleeping pad without the waterproof bottom and the straps. But it is definitely a lot more comfortable than most of the competing products – especially the thin foam ones and the self-inflating models, both of which offer almost zero padding. Sure, they keep you warm, but you will feel every single bump underneath.

The pad folds to a size that is roughly comparable with a rolled-up thermal foam pad, but it is much heavier, so it’s not really a sensible choice for longer or more demanding hikes. But if you’re just driving to designated camping grounds, or taking a leisurely hike, it’s an excellent choice.

The only close competitor would be regular, thick inflatable pads, which are about twice as cheap and tend to be far more portable. They are a bit less comfy, but still provide a respectable amount of cushioning.

— One Bad Cat, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Best piece of camping gear! The LaidBack Pad is by far the best piece of camping gear I have accumulated over 20 years! I have worked as a guide in the Himalayas and the Sierras and camped for pleasure around the world. I am now a family centered car camper and I cannot say enough good things about this pad. It is comfortable, easy to roll and carry, and does not pop. The outer shell is washable and durable. I have had my pad for more than 10 years and it is still in great shape. In addition to spending 100s of nights on this pad in my tent, I now take it with me when I travel on the road with my 6 year old and my 1 year old. The LaidBack Pad makes for a great kid bed when visiting friends and grandparents.”

— Shannon Perry

“Feels like a mattress! I was desperate for a comfy air mattress and everything we bought deflated or simply pooped out after a few uses—this pad is incredibly simple (no electricity needed—just lay it out and sleep) and unbelievably comfortable. My hips don’t ache, my back doesn’t hurt—I actually sleep well on this pad. We are a military family who moves too often and always need a temporary sleeping pad and FINALLY we found a great option!”

— Jane Doe, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Super comfy! It’s a great pad. Long enough to be super comfy. Soft but solid. We put it up on the couch and it is perfect for my daughter. Might be too short for anyone over 5’6”. And it would really great if it was just a little wider. Understand it’s really for camping but an inch or two would make it actually a great mattress for everyday use. Thanks for the thought that went into the design. I actually might consider sleeping on the ground again.”

— Thorsten, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Best pad ever! I have chronic low back pain and sleeping on I nflatable mattresses has made camping a painful experience. I bought four of these pads for my family. They are amazing! No more back pain! They are so comfortable that I now also use them as extra beds for guests. My guests rave about them! These pads are great for sleeping anywhere!”

— Slow Stride

“Grandkids and puppy want a Laidback Pad too! Best camping pad ever. Designed well for easy roll up and transport. I woke up with no aches or pains. I was skeptical when I purchased and thought they were pretty spendy, but i am now a believer! Worth EVERY PENNY.”

— Suz, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Taking grandkids tent camping next week and will be sleeping on my awesome new Laidback pad. Kids play camped in house and now want pads of their own. I even had to push Sherlock my Golden Retriever puppy off my pad so I could lay on it. I thought my camping days were over but because of this Laidback Pad I do believe I can do it! Will take pictures and update review after camping trip.”

— Gayle Fair, Amazon Verified Purchaser

““We use our LaidBack Pad all the time! So many uses: car camping, sleepovers, hanging out in the yard, an extra bed anywhere, anytime! Can’t wait to buy another. Thanks, LaidBack Pads!”

— Lucy Lerner

“Five Stars! Most comfortable pad I’ve ever slept on!”

— Robert Nault, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Ahh… sleep! It more than met my expectations for sleeping on hard ground or floor, with comfort”

— GB, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Get these now, the price is worth it. Recommend for anyone!!! These pads are FANTASTIC. I’m sort of a princess and the pea sleeper, and I am about to start sleeping on this everyday instead of my mattress, because they are that comfortable! Easy enough to roll-up, not too heavy, carrying strap helps. Most comfortable sleep I’ve had in years.

[Recently splurged on these for a 2 month tent-camping trip this winter, but was headed to the city for a weekend with friends and new it’d be a tight squeeze in the house so brought them with us to set up on the floor. I will update after our camping trip if the experience on hard ground is different from that of a carpeted floor.”
— Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Best sleep while camping ever! Based on the other reviews I took a chance on this. Just finished camping with this pad for the first time! All the other reviews were right, best night of sleep I’ve had camping ever! Although pricey, I highly recommend this pad. You get what you pay for and the material are top notch quality.”

— Christopher Watkins, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“When you role up this sleeping pad you feel the quality of the material and attention to detail. I would put this one on the top of my list.”

— Jarod Moves, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Took my grandkids camping and felt like I was home in bed. The kids loved it and the convenience and comfort of the pad makes it a must for both young and old campers. This is the best pad on the market by far.”

— Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Nice as a regular bed!”

— Tracy Mahoney, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This is hands down the most comfortable camping pad I have ever used. I’ve been adventuring in the southwest for over 20 years. This is hands down the most comfortable camping pad I have ever used. For years my Paco pad has been my go-to car camping pad – now it’s the LaidBack Pad. After a long day adventuring you will want to come back to this pad; it takes comfort to a new level.”

— John Doskicz

“Great Sleeping Pad! I sincerely LOVE the Laid Back Pad. I had the opportunity to test a previous model of the LaidBack Camping Pad out before getting this upgraded pad. I slept on it for 3 months, and never got tired of it.

I’m into simple living, and I can truly imagine to have this sleeping pad as my full time bed, and get some for my kids to use for beds as well.

I haven’t gone camping with my new Laid Back Pad yet, but I know it’s going to make my tent camping experiences a dream compared to what they have been.

One thing I really like about this camping mattress is the triple foam layer. The top layers are softer, and they contour to your body, but the bottom layer is more firm. That firmer bottom layer makes it soft enough to sleep on, but keeps you from bottoming out like you do on some other types of foam pads.

I know the sleeping experience is what matters most when considering what kind of camping pad to get, and the LaidBack Pad is great for that. I also wanted to add that it looks really great too, and the materials it’s made from feel like they will hold up for a long time. I give an A+ rating on this Sleeping Pad.”

— Sye Rodriguez

“Feels like a mattress! I was desperate for a comfy air mattress and everything we bought deflated or simply pooped out after a few uses—this pad is incredibly simple (no electricity needed—just lay it out and sleep) and unbelievably comfortable. My hips don’t ache, my back doesn’t hurt—I actually sleep well on this pad. We are a military family who moves too often and always need a temporary sleeping pad and FINALLY we found a great option!”

— Jane Doe, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Best pad on the market!”

— Albert Roer

“This memory foam pad is excellent! We tried sleeping on the seats of our new Sprinter van by Airstream just as intended but it was very hard on our backs. Based on the reviews of others we purchased two of the LaidBack pads. Now we sleep very comfortably and wake up refreshed and ready for the next adventure. Thank you for an excellent product.”

— Cougar Girl, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Received on time and as comfortable as expected
The size is just right for the space I needed it for.”

— Pen Name, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“A very nice sleeping pad! I finally have found the sleeping pad solution I’ve been looking for. I gotta say I did balk at the price, but the extensive great reviews swayed me. I’ve got a bad back and needed a comfortably soft but supportive pad for my camping cot. This pad is perfect for that. It’s not too wide, 24”, which fits my cot just right. I haven’t had a chance to take it on the road yet, but I set it up and enjoyed a long nap. In fact sleeping on my side I never felt like I needed to change positions .. remarkable.”

— Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Certi-Pur Certified! I bought the pad for my daughter, who sleeps on a floor once a week while attending courses out of town. She says that she sleeps as well on the LaidBack Pad as she does in her bed at home. Pretty good. The only downside is that the closure straps are too short. She re-rolls the pad loosely and can’t close it using the attached straps. However, I more was concerned about off-gassing from the foam, and requested more information about how the pad is manufactured. The company was very responsive and replied to my query. Their answer: “the LaidBack Pad is CertiPur Certified and the pads have no fire retardant”. This means that the memory foam meets a very high standard for health and safety! I am pleased with the purchase. I received quick service from Amazon. We will be ordering another pad soon.”

— Amy, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Thinking this was a really good purchase… I bought two of these. They came in perfect condition. I’m waiting right now for my daughter and son in law to try them out for sleeping on at Thanksgiving. They didn’t like the $3500 sofa bed with air mattress that I bought largely for guests in our new apartment. They had liked a 4 inch foam mattress that I had temporarily on loan. But the latter, when I began thinking of duplicating it, I realized would cost quite a bit and be cumbersome to store in my limited storage space. This seems like a perfect alternative. I have used one of them now for some floor exercises and it seems wonderfully, luxuriously comfortable. I am letting them breathe to get out the chemical order right now. And it’s been several days, still with some minimally lingering odor. But diminishing, clearly.”

— Barbara, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Five Stars. Very comfortable. Highly recommended.”

— Paulmas, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Took this one a hunting trip to Colorado and it was very comfortable to sleep on. I laid it out on top of my cot and it worked great. The only minor flaw I’ve seen is the straps could be longer when it’s time to roll it back up. It’s a little tough to get it rolled tight enough to connect the plastic buckles. Still an amazing product.”

— Amazon Verified Purchaser

“I have to sleep flat on my back on the floor due to bulging discs and annular tears so I have been on a hard yoga mat laying on a folded blanket for about a year and a half. Soooo yes anything would have been better but I have to be careful with my back. I loooooove this pad so much I get cranky when I can’t go home to sleep on it so I bring it with which is super convenient 🙂 It can go virtually anywhere which is amazing. I thought it might be too expensive and I’ll tell you what!!! It’s the best sleeping pad I have ever bought. I don’t even think about buying a bed anymore, lol.”

— Leah, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Very pleased! This was a Christmas gift my husband and I bought for ourselves (we bought 2 of them). Great quality, and most comfortable pad we’ve ever tried. We’re very happy with our purchase!”

— Morgan Yates, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Love my LaidBack Sleeping Pad! Just got back from 4 days winter camping in van through southern Utah, slept great on my laid back pad! Photo is at Mystic hotsprings in Monroe, Utah.”

— Jolene, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Very comfortable. I had gotten to the point, as a scout leader, where I was having trouble going on camping trips and not having my back kill for days afterwards. This has been a very nice accommodation and my back felt quite a bit better after the last trip. The pad is expensive, but if you are at your wits end and have to go camping because you either love it or your kids make you, this is a good solution.”

— G. Crisci, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Five Stars! This pad is awesome – worth the $$.”

— JenJenSoCo, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“The LaidBack Pad is definitely the most comfortable camping pad I have ever slept on in my 35 years of camping. I am so happy the good people at LaidBack Inc have made this bed roll so I can continue to camp, crash, and sleep anywhere with the easy to carry and transport bed. I can sleep on my hips and not hit the hard ground. I can throw a blanket over me, and not need a sheet since the fleece is so plush and comfortable and also keeps me warm. I love how well it travels as it is very durable too. I love how you can launder the case! This camping pad has opened up so many more sleeping options for me. We pull it out as the guest bed for visitors and they appreciate it way more than the air mattress we used to offer. We have used it for any extra bed in a hotel room for the kids, and I like rolling it out on the deck on hot nights to sleep under the stars. Great product. Highly recommended.”

— Joanna, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Super comfy pad! Incredible for car camping a sleepovers. We better than an air mattress. I have a memory foam mattress on my bed and this is just as comfortable.”

— Alexandra Frumovitz, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Most comfortable sleeping pad we have found so far. I’m 130lbs and found these to be very comfortable. My husband is 6’6” and 250lbs and says that these are much better than anything else we have tried. It’s pretty tough to find anything that’s going to be 100% comfortable for someone his size so he is happy with them.”

— Dawn, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“I actually lie on it to relieve my lower back pain – much better than lying on the carpeted floor. This sleeping pad totally lives up to its claims! I actually lie on it to relieve my lower back pain – much better than lying on the carpeted floor. There’s just enough wonderful memory foam to transfer the support of the hard surfaced floor while still retaining enough softness to be very comfortable and therapeutic. Combined with a sleeping bag it’s absolutely the most comfortable portable sleeping situation possible – highly recommend it.”

— Ruth L., Verified Amazon Purchaser

“For those of us that still want to enjoy camping, but whose bodies no longer tolerate sleeping on the ground or a thin sleeping pad, this is the PERFECT solution. The Laid Back Pad has allowed this 44 year-old to enjoy sleeping outside again.”

— Verified Amazon Purcasher

“Five Stars. Very comfortable and portable.”

— Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Wow, this is really nice! I haven’t tried it camping yet but can tell it is great quality. I may order one for my husband at some point.”

— Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Nice! Definitely light, nice comfortable. Yes it’s narrow would buy a double or queen size if they make them in the future.”

— Julie Wisner, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Love it except for the lingering off-gassing. When this sleeping pad first arrived it was off-gassing terribly. It took a couple weeks for it to off-gass enough to be able to use it. I tell you this in case you expect to take it out and use it when it first arrives. It now smells acceptable, although still has lingering odor, so I have to cover it with a blanket to use it. It feels great used on top of a carpet. Have not used it to sleep in the car for car camping which is what I bought it for. I used it for something I had not expected and was so glad to have it. My dog died and in her last week she and I laid on it a lot. She had a smaller memory foam pad that is thicker and she preferred that one, but having this big one that both of us could use was really nice in her last week. We got so much use out of it in the last week that I would have purchased it for just that. It would be nice if the product was allowed to off-gas prior to sending it to the buyer. I am not sure if it is the foam or the material on the cover that smells so bad. The cover by the way is a very nice cover with rugged material on the bottom and soft but sturdy material on the top. I would give it 5 starts except for the smell.”

— Truth Seeker, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“LaidBack fills the need! This was for my husband, who has back trouble. He’s truly happy with it.”

— Justine Wittich, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“This is an amazingly comfortable sleeping pad. I’ve slept on it a couple dozen times on a carpeted floor (I’m male, 5’-9” and 180 lbs). Each time, I look at it’s very-thin-compared-to my-bed-mattress thickness and think, this isn’t going to go well. Yet each night I sleep just fine – better than my actual bed for whatever reason. Even though I have arthritis in my hip joints and I sleep on my side, I make it thru the night without any problems. It is much more comfortable than any inflatable pad that I’ve previously used. The quality appears excellent and it is easy to roll up if you keep one knee on top of it while doing so. While far from the cheapest sleeping pad, I have no complaints at all and am very happy with my purchase.”

— LPerrrygo, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Overall very happy with the purchase. Immediately mailed and arrived within a few days. Very comfortable on a recent 4 day trip.”

— Rob Moskovitz, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Sweet Sleep! Extremely comfortable sleeping pad. I used it on top of a cot and got the best sleep I’ve had in recent years. I am 5’10” tall and just fit lengthwise. Since I am not a thin person, I could use a couple more inches in width but still slept soundly (on my side and my back). I’m no longer young and have herniated disc issues. I highly recommend this sleeping pad, for those 5’10” or under. Worth the extra $ IMHO.”

— Joni Moso, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Prevents Moisture Seepage – TWSS. Extremely comfortable sleeping pad. I used it on top of a cot and got the best sleep I’ve had in recent years. I am 5’10” tall and just fit lengthwise. Since I am not a thin person, I could use a couple more inches in width but still slept soundly (on my side and my back). I’m no longer young and have herniated disc issues. I highly recommend this sleeping pad, for those 5’10” or under. Worth the extra $ IMHO.”

— gabew75, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Love it! I sleep comfortably through the night on this when we visit my parent’s house.”

— Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Amazing Sleep With This Pad! I checked out a lot of reviews, watched YouTube videos, etc. on this pad prior to purchasing. Of course until trying it out for yourself it’s hard to really judge, so I went ahead and bought it based on the 30-day guarantee if I didn’t like it.

I just got back from a 2 night camping trip and can say I honestly had some of the best sleep I’ve ever had while camping. For anyone that has pain issues from sleeping on the ground using thin camping pads, this is an awesome solution. Everyone in my group tried it out and were super jealous, too, if that says anything.

This is certainly a higher cost product, which is probably a detractor for some people, but to be able to enjoy camping pain-free it was worth the extra investment for me. It’s a one time purchase that will definitely end up paying itself back over time, at least in my case.

As others have mentioned the pad is high quality and well manufactured, and it seems like it will stand up to use over time. It pretty much is exactly as advertised.

Besides cost the only drawback really is the size/bulkiness and weight of the pad. It takes up quite a bit of space when packing your vehicle and is really only practical for car camping. However again, for the comfort that you enjoy in return, it’s something to weigh the pros and cons on.

Also just a side note, as a former Colorado resident (born and raised) I was happy to support a Colorado-based company and Made in the USA product!”

— Qcoleman21, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Tenting is a real pleasure now! I have tested this product out and am thrilled. No more aching backs when I wake up in the morning! My back thanks you folks for developing this. This sleeping pad is 8 lbs. so isn’t practical for backpacking trips. This will definitely be accompanying me on my canoe camping trip and other car camping trips. I love that you can remove and wash the cover. I can tell a lot of thought went into making this sleeping pad. Kudos!”

— Tamara L. Chandleron, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars! Absolutely loved it first night sleeping on it was amazing!”

— Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars! Best camping pad! It is so comfortable.”

— Jaime A Laluzerneon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“So far so good! I bought one for my wife who had back pain and it was very comfortable. So I just order one for me. No smell and compact enough. I hope that it will stay like that ;-)”

— Jean-Louis de Biasion, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Lightweight! Great for one person and the the material is really soft and lightweight. Easy for camping trip too since it’s not heavy to carry around.”

— Sam Longon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Very comfortable. I’ve tried a lot of small Camp mattresses, and this one by far is the best. My husband and I have 2 we lay next to each other in our tent. Awesome. Especially with a fluffy sleeping bag.
Also fits width wise in a Jeep Wrangler unlimited nicely if it rains and your tent leaks….😂😂 of course that is if your under 5’5” tall”

— Shelbie Briggson, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars! Comfortable and as advertised. Very well made.”

— Docsocon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“I have never slept better on a camping trip! Tried it out for a week camping. I have never slept better on a camping trip. Clearly better than an air mattress.”

— Wildmildon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars! Was a little hesitant because of the price, but it was so worth it. If I have it with me, whether camping, or in a place with bad mattresses, or even on a floor, I am guaranteed a good night’s sleep.”

— Kellyon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Simply the Best! I am a car camper. I’ve tried all sorts of camping pads in the last couple years. This one is by far the best I’ve ever used.”

— 4750Guy, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Such an improvement – feels wonderful; great sleep. I bought the pad for a hard RV couch in our motor home that we use for a bed. Such an improvement – feels wonderful; great sleep. It is quite an improvement on what we were using. I strongly recommend the product.”

— Marilynon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Great camp pads. Too heavy to backpack but awesome if you’re car camping.”

— Katherine O, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Comfortable pad for Yoga Nidra and or reclining meditation (for those who cannot sit). Great product – was introduced to the LaidBack Pad at the Telluride Yoga Festival – used it in a yoga nidra class – fabulous lying down meditation – every yoga studio should have a few of these for their yoga nidra classes and practices. Great for everyone – especially seniors, those with injury or pain, those suffering from post traumatic stress or anxiety disorder.”

— Beryl Birch

“Comfortable and Durable! I am very impressed with the laid back pad. It is light, comfortable and durable. It is a great value as well. Would definitely recommend this for any one who enjoys camping in comfort! The best part is you don’t have to bring a loud, noisy air inflator while you’re camping.”

— William B. Thameson

“Never knew how nice sleeping in a tent could be… I bought this pad for my son when we car camp, however we are fighting over it every time because it’s so comfy! I am going to have to get another one. I have been camping my whole life, and never knew how nice sleeping in a tent could be. I love it so much!”

— Kellie Day

“Five Stars. Good quality, comfort and design. A lot has been thought about in the making off this Camping pad.”

— Laura Jordanon

“Comfy and roomy. Rolls out nice and flat and thick. Now I just need to get my dog to realize it is not his.”

— Willieon

“Worth every penny! We absolutely love this sleeping pad! We use it for company instead of an air mattress and everyone raves about how they love it! We also take it camping and every time we go we have friends that try it and end up getting one as well. It makes such a huge difference when you have a comfy place to sleep when you are camping! I think this pad is worth every penny!”

— Ryan Cook

“Most comfortable camping pad ever. I don’t go camping without this pad. Sleeping on it is like sleeping on a bed outside. I’ve even been known to bring it out at home if for some reason I can’t sleep—it’s that comfortable. The only downside to this pad is that it’s too big to bring backpacking! I’ll definitely be ordering another one of these for each of my family members; I’m tired of them stealing mine!”

— Emily

“Five Stars. GREAT support for sleeping on the floor next to my dog whose recovering from surgery.”

— Mike, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Good for cuddles if you’ve got two! Update: I went camping this weekend and as soon as we began setting up the tent, it started to pour! The bottom of our tent was pretty soaked but our LaidBack pads kept us off the floor and dry! The following morning we propped them up on the sides of the tent so the bottoms of the pads could dry and so that the tent floor could finish drying. Additionally, I unrolled them for a couple of hours at home just to make sure they were definitely dry before I put them away. These pads are really great!

My partner and I have a really comfy tri-fold mattress that we take camping but it’s really big and a pain to drag down the stairs and pack into the car. It takes up the entire back seat so we can’t bring this mattress if we want to give any friends a ride to the campsite. I searched online for a roll up mattress that I could put in the trunk and found these.

I just got mine yesterday. I laid them next to each other and clipped them on the top and used the velcro connector on the bottom. I would say this is pretty much as comfy as the trifold that we have (which is also really great). If you lay across both pads it’s not very noticeable that there are two. This is exactly what I was looking for since my partner and I have a double sleeping bag and snuggle to keep warm.

I’m also excited that these will fit in our smaller tent that we tend to take when we’re going somewhere windy.

I know it’s a little pricey but I think it’s worth it for the comfort. From what I can tell, it’s a small company that would do well with a little more marketing. I bet it costs them a lot to make them and I hope if they do well and are able to make larger productions that the price will go down because it really is a great product.

I’ll post an update once I use it for camping but so far they’re great!”

— Monique, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Great for zero gravity recliner. I bought this to improve a zero gravity recliner I’m using in the house while recovering from ankle surgery. I have a standard outdoor zero gravity style recliner that starts to feel both cold and hard after being in it for many hours day after day. This pad provides both the warmth and cushioning I need to make my chair comfortable.

The pad is well made, and I will probably take it along on our next camping trip. Underneath the memory foam layer I can feel that there is a thin layer of dense foam that would probably do well to even out small lumps and bumps on the ground. The top cover is a really soft foam. When I get up from the chair I almost always come back to find one or more cats curled up on the pad, so it gets a high cat-comfort rating. There is a very faint foam/new product smell if you really stick your nose into the pad, but I don’t notice it otherwise.

It’s hard for me to say if it’s a camping product that’s worth $190, as there are other really good pads out there for a lot less, but it is 100% perfect for my current needs, so I’m happy with it. I would have been willing to spend at least this much for a very comfortable recliner, but with active cats it’s too dangerous to have a traditional-style recliner in the house.”

— Pradiataon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“So far, so good. I have a air pad but this is so much easier than remembering to blow up the air pad. Call me lazy but when it is cold and rainy all I want is simple and comfortable and consistent. Thanks, love it, makes me tired just thinking about it.”

— Mark, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Comfort and no back pain. I like this camping pad. Took it on my annual camping trip to Laughin, it withstood the heat, rocky terrain and sand. I like how it does does slide on the tent flooring. It’s supper comfy , no back pain. I slept like a baby and baby too. Will be buying another one.”

— Francisco G., Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Really comfortable!”

— Erin Sullivanon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Rock Star comfort. Currently serving in Afghanistan on a previously mothballed base- we sleep on cots…so I bought this. It may be expensive, but to this old grunt it was worth every single penny. Fits perfect on a standard Army Cot.”

— Major J. Thomasonon, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Nap Time Essential. Five Stars. Very good quality all around. Durable bottom. Great for after lunch nap time. Good size for personal office space or anywhere you want to refresh great buy.”

— Anders, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Very comfortable, easy to roll and store. Exactly as advertised! Very comfortable, easy to roll and store.”

— Richard A J Tyre, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Perfect in every way. Five Stars. This sleeping pad is amazing! The worst part of camping for me is being cold at night and sleeping on a hard surface. For many camping trips, I sacrificed warmth for comfort by sleeping on an air mattress but hated being so cold. This last trip I decided I was going to sleep on a cot and pad so that I could be warm and didn’t get more than a couple of hours sleep since I was so uncomfortable. Since I’m not a backpacker, I’m not limited to pads that must be small and feather light weight. Wasn’t sure about the price but I went for this pad and was instantly pleased when I laid on it! It is super comfy, perfect camping size and weight. I love that the cover is machine washable and can roll up and close nicely. Next week I will be taking this pad for a 3 night horse pack trip in the wilderness!”

— Gabe, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. BEST Memory Foam Sleeping Pad – Highly Recommend this Great Product!”

— Raymond J Sosler III, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Great Product, Flawlessly Well Designed, But Needs to Outgas a Bit and is Narrow in Width. Extremely well made and designed! I would say flawless design. You can tell it was designed by somebody who took pride in what they were doing. The only things I would add are that I would warn anyone who is at all chemically sensitive that the foam has a nasty outgassing smell that will take a while to dissipate. Most people wont care. However, the chemical outgassing of foam and its affects on the immune system are a known issue. I have mine sitting in the laundry room for a few days with the outer cover removed so it can outgas a bit. In addition, since this is not a pad somebody would use backpacking there is no reason it could not have been made a bit wider. 24” is not wide enough in my opinion. I sadly returned mine only because of the narrow width. If it was wider, I would use the world PERFECT for this product!”


“Super comfortable sleepIng pad, worth every penny! Five Stars. I bought this pad for camping. I’m a side sleeper and most pads don’t offer enough support for my hips. This one is very comfortable and has easy to use straps to keep it rolled up when not in use.”

— Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Comfortable. I have an REI cot that is 28” wide, and the only way this Pad could get any better…if it was 29” wide.”

— Jeffery Dawson, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Great Product. Got the product recently and I have to say it’s great”

— Itzhak Buchshrieber, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Perfect traveling companion. I need a soft top layer on my mattress. I’ve had both hips replaced, so I have scar tissue, metal parts and I have arthritis. This is perfect for travel. Rolls up small, light weight – I just hook it on top of my suitcase and roll it with me. Next time I fly I’ll take the large suitcase and pack it. I love this topper.”

— Jackie, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Five Stars. Yes, it is worth the price! I want to add my review (after a few years of ownership) now that I have had this thing on enough trips to properly opine. I hesitated to buy such an expensive camp pad and was cautious of the negative reviews. All I can say now is that I wish I had just bought the thing.

I am an avid camper and have slept on a number of different camping pad options, cots, hammocks, etc over the years. This thing blows all those options away. No, it is NOT a substitute for your 10 inch thick memory foam bed, but for camping, there is nothing that even comes close to comfort with this same amount of portability. It isn’t packable, but car camping is where this thing reigns supreme. I slept with it directly on the ground and also on a cot. I slept like a baby in both these scenarios. Just this weekend I allowed my friend to spend one night with this and she is buying one now too.

I will state that I am not a giant person (weigh in at 140ish pounds) so that may affect your personal experience. If you are looking for the very best in actual camping options, I really don’t see how you could go wrong here.”

— Karla Fisher, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Comfort. I’ve used this in the vehicle to car camp as well as in a tent. I love the versatility of rolling it up however I am taking off one star because the straps didnt hold up. The plastic piece just wasnt enough to hold it closed so I will be eventually cutting off both straps w buckles and I use instead a bungee. I am still on the look out for custom sheet set.”

— Julie, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“This pad is awesome! Five Stars. I love my Laidback pad. It’s as soft and comfortable as my bed. The people at Laiback are awesome as well. When I broke the buckles in my truck tailgate, the Laidback staff got me replacement buckles super fast.”

— Brandon D. Fouch, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Worth the money! Five Stars. My husband is very critical of what he sleeps on, he is 6’1” 300 so a bigger guy. He hates air mattresses he feels like they don’t hold him or air. So when I spent $150+ on this item, I was expecting him to hate this as well, but we used it for 2 nights so far and he wakes up and says that was not bad. The only thing that I would say about it is I wish it was a little wider, even for me I feel like it’s a lot smaller then an air mattress as far as width goes. But overall this has been a great investment.”

— Monica Ramey, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“LaidBackPad Gets Me Back Camping. Five Stars.

I haven’t camped for a long time due to back & hip issues but my family was really eager to do some wild camping with friends. I ordered a LaidBackPad in hopes that I would be able to join them but with some skepticism. I can now say after 3 nights camping, this pad really is comfortable, generates some warmth under your body, and allows you a better night’s sleep than anything I have previously tried. It rolls up easily and has good, durable straps with a handle, making it easy to carry to and from the car. Our kids now want one after uncomfortable nights on blow up pads.”

— Mrs Kim Harris, Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Works great. Five Stars. Using it on top of an air mattress. Works well, doesn’t get hot.”

— GreyClan, Verified Amazon Purchaser