Testimonial 1:

"This is the best camping pad on the market! You won't find anything else like it, so stop looking and pick up one or two of of these up today. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors over the 4th of July weekend. We spent a night at the Cottonwood Hot Springs in Colorado. Anyone that has ever stayed there you know the soaking is amazing, but the camping is rough to say the least, with an extremely hard ground covered in rocks. We slept soundly for the first time camping, it wasn't until we took the tent down, that we realized how many rocks were below our backs, yet we didn't feel a thing. It may be hard to believe that a camping pad can give you the comfort you enjoy at home, but it's true. We felt like we were sleeping on our bed at home.

My favorite features have to be:
1. The ultra comfortable memory foam pad.
2. The soft layer on the top of the pad--no need to cover it with anything--you could sleep on just the pad and be happy as a clam!
3. Rolls up tight--like a sleeping bag and it even comes with a handle to carry it around.
4. This product is made by a US company.
5. Since its a foam pad--there isn't any pesky time spent blowing into a crappy plastic pad--that will loose its air slowly through the night.

So my suggestion, get on it and buy your camping pads today, so your next camping trip will be amazing!"

-Tomas and Heidi Gannon

Testimonial 2:

"We use our LaidBack Pad all the time! So many uses: car camping, sleepovers, hanging out in the yard, an extra bed anywhere, anytime! Can't wait to buy another. Thanks, LaidBack Pads!

-Lucy Lerner

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