Earn Extra Income Sharing The LaidBack Pad

Earning extra income with the LaidBack Sleeping Pad is easy, and once you’ve set it up, you can keep earning without putting in a lot of extra effort.

How Can You Earn With The Laid Back Pad?

The LaidBack Pad is available on Amazon and anyone that’s an Amazon Associate can promote the LaidBack Pad.

If you’re already an Amazon Affiliate (Associate) Please check our affiliate resources page by Clicking HERE.  We’ve created some banners and copy that you can use on your website.  We’ve made it easy for you to copy and paste into your own website/s so you can start earning immediately.

If you’re not an Amazon Associate you can sign up by Clicking RIGHT HERE, but wait and read further if you don't have a website yet.

You can up right now and go to our resources page to get tools to make it simple to promote the LaidBack Sleeping Pad.

Can Anyone Make Money Promoting the LaidBack Pad?

It is possible for anyone to earn promoting the LaidBack Pad, but the more quality effort you put into it, the better you’ll do.

For most people, promoting the LaidBack Pad won’t make you a full time income, but as an Amazon Associate promoting the LaidBack Pad, you open up a door to a huge income potential because of all of the products available on Amazon.

For example, if someone clicks from your LaidBack Pad Affiliate Link to Amazon and buys a LaidBack Pad, you’ll earn a commission for that purchase, but it gets better.

If that customer decides to purchase something else on Amazon when they buy the LaidBack Pad through your link, you’ll earn a commission from all of the items they purchase... and it still gets BETTER.

Even if they don’t purchase the LaidBack Pad, but they buy something else from Amazon after clicking on your LaidBack Pad affiliate link, you’ll make a commission from those items instead.

So How Much Commission Does Amazon Pay?

As of this writing, for new Affiliates Amazon pays 4% to start, so you’ll earn about $7.56 per LaidBack Pad Sale.  What’s nice is, as you sell more, you earn more.  As of the time of this writing, when you reach 7 sales your commission increases to 6 %, and there are other sales levels you can reach that increase your commissions even more.

At 6% you’ll earn $11.34 for each LaidBack Pad purchased through your link, and of course you'll still earn commissions on all other qualifying items purchased through your Associates Link, and most of the items for sale on Amazon qualify.

Who Is Best Suited For Promoting The LaidBack Pad?

People who are in alignment with the values of LaidBack Pad and also have a website are going to have the easiest time earning extra income from promoting the LaidBack Pad, but keep reading even if this isn’t you.

If you have a website that is related to outdoors, simple living, sustainable living, minimalism, sleep, relaxation, travel or another niche that is directly related to sleeping pads, the LaidBack Pad is a perfect fit for you to promote.

So what if your website is totally unrelated, or you don’t have a website?

If that’s you, here’s what you can do.  Let’s say you already have a website that’s unrelated.  You can create a category on your website called, Things I Like, or Things I Recommend, or Things I’ve Bought From Amazon.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

Whatever you decide to call that category, add a page about the Laid Back Pad, along with other things you like on Amazon to other pages in that category, and use your affiliate link to link to those products.

Add value for the reader by giving your honest opinion of the things you’ve bought, for example, and for the LaidBack Pad, you can write your own review, and/or use our prewritten content from our AFFILIATE RESOURCES PAGE.

If you don’t have a website yet, it’s not expensive to purchase a website (domain) name, and hosting.  You can easily install a website with Free Content Management Systems like Wordpress.

So if you’re saying to yourself, that’s a lot of work, maybe this opportunity is not for you, but keep reading if you think you still might want to promote the LaidBack Pad on a site you don’t have yet.

It’s very easy to get a site up and running and there are a lot of free resources online that show you how to set up a Wordpress site quickly.

Just look on Youtube for how to add Wordpress to your site, and you’ll see how easy it is.

This Section Is For You If You Want To Promote The LaidBack Pad and You don’t already have a website up, but have decided to do it.

Before applying for the Amazon Associates Program HERE, and Getting some Affiliate Tools from our Affiliate Resources Page HERE, you’ll want to get your website ready for approval by Amazon.

Here’s how to do that.

  • Create your website that’s about something you’re interested in, that also has products related to that interest on Amazon, OR Make the website your Personal Blog, that’s branded with Your Name.
  • Next, add an About Page that tells about your site.  You’ll also want to add a Home Page, and a Privacy Policy Page.  You can get a free privacy policy page, by searching for privacy policy pages in plugins if you create a Wordpress site.
  • You’ll also want to create a contact page, which you can also do with a plugin in Wordpress.  One good one is called Contact Form 7.  Create an optional page titled Blog.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll want to create about 10 pages of Content.  You don’t have to do this in one day, but it’s necessary to have something on your site to get approved by Amazon.

For example, over the next 10 days, write about things you like or things you are interested in.  You could even write some product reviews of things you’ve already purchased from Amazon, for example.

The above steps should be enough to get you approved as an associate by Amazon.  If you do decide to do some product reviews, I recommend creating a category like My Favorite Products, Things I Like, Things I Recommend, or Things I’ve Bought From Amazon.

That category is where you can create a page about the LaidBack Pad, and write your own review, or copy paste our prewritten article from our Affiliate Resources Page.  You’ll also add other products to that category and link to them on Amazon with your associates link.

Wrapping Up Becoming An Affiliate Of The LaidBack Pad for Those That Don’t Already Have A Website.

What I’ve laid out above for you is information a lot of people have paid for.  It’s just been handed to you, and if you like the LaidBack Pad, we hope you’ll use this information to help yourself and us by promoting the LaidBack Pad.

What I’ve revealed to you about how to get your site up and promote the LaidBack Pad are the basics, but if you’re really creative, you can take what you've learned above and create something great, while earning more.

My experience has taught me to keep things as simple as possible, while still providing as much value as possible.

Thanks for your interest in promoting the LaidBack Sleeping Pad as an Amazon Associate.  I wish you success.

For your convenience, I’ve listed some important links below:

Use the Resources Link above to see what we've created to help you promote the LaidBack Pad.